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Ever since Chrome Webapps were introduced, I have always thought that the New Tab page looked quiet clumsy ; There are most visited websites’ thumbnail and Webapps and you can see only one of them properly fitted in the page at a time (That’s what I think).

But that’s about to change in the future release of Chrome with a redesigned New Tab page, Its currently an experimental feature in the chromium daily builds, an in-development redesign of the new tab page.

In Chromium daily builds, go to about:flags page and enable this experimental feature.

Here is the new experimental feature in action.


Google Instant Search

Google has launched a cool feature called Instant Search in recent days which was being tested since quite sometime. It totally revolutionizes the way we do search queries.

It is totally different from what we have seen while searching on google, While searching for a term on google, It gave us some most searched terms as suggestion before, But now it is not the same. Now if you search for a keyword, Google will not only suggest you the most searched terms; but in conjunction  with that google will also show you dynamic pages which will keep refreshing as you change your search term.

I think the screenshots will make you understand better than me

So this is how Google has shown you the search results suggestions before the instant search feature came



Google Normal Search (click on image to enlarge)

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FaceTime 0.9 was previewed  just 1 day ago and is now available to download from Apple’s website (remember it’s beta for now)for free, It requires Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard or later. FaceTime enables you to connect your OS X with any other iOS device (Iphone 4G or fourth Generation Ipod touch) seamlessly.

Facetime for mac - image courtesy

FaceTime on Mac and Iphone4G



FaceTime was announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at his keynote speech on June 7, 2010  in conjunction with the iPhone 4. Officially, FaceTime only works with a Wi-Fi connection, as there is no 3G data support at the moment.

Whenever someone tries to reach you, the call rings through on every Mac you own even if FaceTime isn’t running. So you never have to worry about making yourself available. If you don’t want to receive calls, just turn FaceTime off in Preferences.

.Download FaceTime Beta for  Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard or later for free and enjoy the Video Chat on your OS X and iOS device.





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Is Facebook secure

Is Facebook secure?

In a recent blog Facebook introduced two new feature to make your online life more secure, Facebook now comes with two new security features ‘One-time password’ and ‘Remote Login’ So don’t freak out if you forgot to logout at your friends house.





One-time password

One-time password will help you get a unique password by facebook itself via a text message  and user logged in with this password would only be able to access that facebook account for 20 minutes only, after that the password automagically expires. This feature seems to be only available for US users only but facebook says :

Facebook says: “Simply text “otp” to 32665 on your mobile phone (U.S. only), and you’ll immediately receive a password that can be used only once and expires in 20 minutes. In order to access this feature, you’ll need a mobile phone number in your account. We’re rolling this out gradually, and it should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.”

Remote Logout

As the name itself says, Now you would be able to Log out of your facebook account remotely. This would be a *killing feature* for those who use more than one device to access their facebook accounts like handhelds and PCs or there friends house and forgot to logout. Jake Brill says…

Second, the ability to sign out of Facebook remotely is now available to everyone. These session controls can be useful if you log into Facebook from a friend’s phone or computer and then forget to sign out. From your Account Settings, you can check if you’re still logged in on other devices and remotely log out.

For further information I would let the FB team speak….

Go to Facebook Blog for a detaild info…

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I installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) and installed Nautilus elementary which comes with clutter view and nautilus inbuilt terminal. terminal works flawless but the clutter view doesn’t. Press  F7 to open the terminal in PWD (present working directory)

Clutter View

Clutter Flow Not working in Nautilus Elementary

When I press F4 to see clutter flow I only see a black area pops up above the pictures and stays the same without any pictures in it.

Here is how to enable clutter flow in Nautilus Elementary

Open terminal and type…

gksu gedit /etc/environment

Add this line to the file…

export CLUTTER_VBLANK=none

Restart Nautilus by

nautilus -q

Goto your pictures folder and press F4. Clutter view should now work fine.

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Rupee Font
Rupee Font

The perfect 10 is here, Ubuntu 10.10 is code-named Maverick Meerkat released and Mark Shuttleworth had a session with the community on the IRC. Its the little cosmetic/visual changes that make it a perfect 10, and inclusion of the new rupee font is one of the changes on the Ubuntu 10.10, which makes it the

first OS in the world to support the new Rupee font natively, We got the new Rupee symbol in the 10.10 ttf-ubuntu-font-family package

says Mr. Mark shuttleworth.

In the latest release of Ubuntu which is Maverick Meerkat, a new font family is introduced named ‘Ubuntu’. Which can be used to insert the new rupee symbol in your documents.

So, here’s how you can use the new Rupee font in Ubuntu…

How to use the new Rupee font in Ubuntu

Open (Applications > Office > Word Processor), Choose the font Ubuntu from  toolbar on the upper side of the writing area. Now go to Format > Special Characters, and look for the Rupee symbol there. I found it on the 6th row from the bottom.

This way the Rupee symbol can be included into any document.

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Google Extensions

Google Extensions

Google chrome/ium is very extensible with the help of all the extensions provided in the google extension gallery. I use google chromium as my primary internet browser, so here are  few of the ‘Google Extenstion’ that I install after a fresh google chrome installation.


AdBlock is the most populer Extension of the google chrome. It is quite useful for those annoying ads that look like clutter on the webpage. You can still make some exceptions if you do not want the extension to work for your favourite website.


There are websites that give an option to remember the password like the one’s you see on the websites saying “remember me on this computer”, this does work fine for me on firefox but when I use chrome I always have to type in my Username and password no matter how many times I ask the browser to remember the password. So here comes the extension LastPass.

LastPass is a service that remembers your Username or passwords and autofills it for you favourite websites. Not only this, you can even configure the extension to autofill the webpage forms and generate passwords for you.

If you have just installed chrome and you already have a LastPass account then just sign in to the extension and all your Username and Passwords will be retrieved so you wont have to type them each time you want to use Facebook or your other password protected accounts.

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

Well, this is the extension which added a lot to my pleasant experience of Chrome. All it does is make your mouse scroll smooth, but once you get this extension you get hooked to it. You have to use it to know it.

Google Dictionary (By Google)

Yes! you got it right, Its an official google extension and one of my favourite in the list. As the name suggests it is a dictionary but you can also use it as a little wikipedia on your mouse that sits  at the extreme right side of your address bar.

While you are browsing the webpages and you see a word you would want to see the meaning of or a description about, just double click it  and a bouble pops up to show you the description/meaning of the word. You can alternatively highlight the text then click on the dictionary icon on the address bar to see a wikipedia info on that text.

Facebook for Google Chrome

Who does not have an account on facebook? You may be a facebook addict or a person like me who just wants to see the notifications on your facebok page. This little extension shows Your Facebook’s news feeds, notifications, messages and a text area to update your facebook status.

This extensions shows all of that quite elegantly with a visually nice layout, Just authenticate the extension with you facebook and start using it. It does not log out untill you manually hit the logout button on it. So no need to sign in each time you open your browser.

Google Translate

Ok, I know Chrome has an inbuilt translator but  it has never worked for me. So here comes the savior.

Sometimes when you are reading some blog or a news site and you get the reference of some other site but which is not in the language you are familiar with. No problem, just hit the extension’s icon and voilà  google translator bar pops on top of your webpage. choose the language and there you go!!!


I know this would probably be the lamest of them all but quite useful for those who don’t like to go through menus and hunt for the download tab to look for their downloads.

My friend once asked my

“Why does chrome just shows a download bar underneath the webpage intruding my webpage space and doesn’t tell about the speed of the downloading”.

This could be the situation of a lot of new chrome users because when we click on download, chrome shows the download bar underneath the webpage so It may confuse new users into thinking that a dedicated download page  does not exists at all.

Don’t want an extension for such a small thing? thats not a problem, You can show the download page by hitting Ctrl+J. URL Shortener

You may want to share a URL but then you find that to be a gigantically long and find yourself not being able to share it on twitter. Here is the solution, is teh URL shortener service by google. Just go to the website you would like to share and hit the extension, the URL would be shortened and saved into your clipboard, now paste it anywhere you want.

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

Another official extension by Google itself. which sits on your address bar. Go to any blog or news site hit the RSS button and add the blog to your Google reader or any other reader you prefer.

Google Reader Notifier (by Google)

If you use the feed reader service of Google reader and use this extension then you never gonna miss out on any feed. It is an official google chrome extension which shows you the counts of your unread gReader feeds. If you click on it, it will show you a peek of all the unread feeds.

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